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"We use rigorous analysis and a deep understanding of your organizational processes to unlock the full potential of your marketing and sales resources."

Digital Marketing

Today, more than ever, marketing must play a role in achieving overall company objectives. CEOs across all industries are determined to get more from marketing and to measure the results. In this environment, marketers face several key questions:

  • How can we better align our marketing goals with the needs, objectives, and strategies of the overall business?
  • What is the best way to incorporate trends such as new media, Web 2.0 principles, and viral/word-of-mouth concepts into our marketing efforts?

  • How can we improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing activities?
  • How can we understand our “return on marketing investment” (ROMI) and adjust spend accordingly?


Whether the economy is troubled or prosperous, companies have an imperative to protect and nurture their brands but this is a complicated task. Managers examining the role of branding today face some important questions:

  • What are the key principles and organizational capabilities needed to build a successful, compelling, and valuable brand?
  • How truly our brand can resonates with customers?
  • What attributes of our brand enable us to build positioning different from our competitors’ in the long run?

  • What is the best approach to building, defining, and managing a cohesive brand architecture across multiple brands?

Sales & Channels

In many ways, sales professionals are the face of the company. They are responsible for both ensuring that customers are well supported and focusing on targets in the most efficient and effective manner. However, these tasks are becoming more challenging as customers, channels, and markets evolve rapidly. Senior executives face many questions as they reevaluate their selling strategies:
  • What do we want the sales force and channels to accomplish?
  • How can we optimize our sales and distribution approach to align with shifts in our markets, customers, and competitors?

  • How can we improve our performance with our largest, most complex global and strategic customers?
  • How can we improve our performance in “multichannel” environments?

Go to Market

When companies “go to market,” they bring together all the commercial functions (sales, marketing, brand management, pricing, and consumer insight) to drive the bottom line. This raises a set of key challenges, and companies face some critical questions:

  • How can we ensure that our go-to-market strategy fits the current needs of our business model, channels, and customers?
  • What measures can we take to improve alignment and integration across the various commercial functions?

  • How can altering our go-to-market approach help support cost-reduction efforts without harming the core business?
  • How can we build the best-in-class capabilities required to support an effective go-to-market strategy?

"Marketing and sales functions are on the front line, playing a critical role in driving revenues, retaining customers, and achieving overall company objectives."